I’m sorry everyone for not keeping up my usual pace of posting at least once a day, in the wake of the election I have to say that I was stunned. Just stunned. I thought, “How could Heavenly Father do this to us?” Then I realized that this is just his way of telling us that the second coming is near, yay! So I spent the last day upping my food storage to 3 years worth, organizing everything by sodium content, and picking out some snazzy (but modest!) new outfits for the end of days. Don’t want to get before Jesus and look like a slob!

Also I want to note that frankly I’m upset by the sort of comments I’m getting on here. Of course I’m a real person, I’m a faithful member of the LDS Church and I have a snazzy membership card to prove it (do you?) This blog has been accused of existing solely to be disparaging to Mormons on the eve of the election.  What is disparaging about my blog? I use only lds.org sources for my quotes and inspiration and I make sure to have my husband read my posts before I publish, just to make sure they are in line with the priesthood. If you find my posts offensive, you must not be walking up to the covenants you made in the Temple nor taking the Gospel as seriously as you need to. Are you reading the scriptures twice daily? Are you praying? Are you fasting? Are you doing your genealogy? I ask you to truly humble yourself and ask in sincere prayer whether or not my posts are true. Then come back and read my blog and see if you don’t feel the spirit.